Cutting costs while maintaining quality is a crucial balancing act for brewers across all sectors to maintain in the current turbulent economic climate.

CROSS FLOW filtration (CMF) has been promoted as an alternative process to recover beer from beer yeast surplus. The yeast brewing by product has dry matter content close to 10% w/w and generates beer losses of between 1.5 and 3% of the total volume of produced beer.

Yeast is cropped from bottom green beer (fermentation),or end-of-storage beer (maturation) and stored during a while before being re-processed through the Beer Recovery Plant. After having passed through the beer recovery plant (20% w/w) and after drying, commercial sale of the reprocessed yeast can be made to the animal feed industry.

Compared to centrifuge and filter press, the use of MF is designed to produce a permeate of acceptable quality including flavor and haze. Therefore Permeate may be dosed white a traditional KGF run, or returned to maturation.


• High quality of the recovered extract (beer)
• Very short return on investment
• Use of mechanically robust and approved ceramic membranes
• Minimal operator requirement
• High microbiological safety due to easy cleaning and sterilization with hot water up to 90 °C (194 °F)
• Easily retrofit into existing operations
• Compact, hygienic, standard design
• Yeast-free permeate (< 5 cells / 100 ml)
• Low maintenance cost